Female Youth Hack: Raspberry Pi Challenge

We love our Raspberry Pis, especially when they’re combined with bits and pieces like LEDs and motors to interact with the world…

So our challenge for the femaleĀ  youth hack is:

Do Something Useful With A Raspberry Pi!

What does useful mean? Well it could help around the house, in school, at work – or somewhere else. It could be useful only to a certain group of people or help to do something really trivial. It could be useful serious or useful funny – up to you!

How to make a Raspberry Pi useful? You’ll need to add things like sensors, motors, LEDs. We’ll have a stock of boards and attachments, alongside the usual crafting materials. Or bring your own!

We look forward to seeing what you come up with.

How To Win

Work well in a team

Try something new

Take a risk, push yourselves