Mcr Youth Hack #7: Hive’s Winter Olympics Challenge

You might have noticed that the Winter Olympics is on on the moment. We’re inspired by the creativity, skill and daring of the participants…

So our challenge for Mcr Youth Hack #7 is:

Create Something Digital that’s Winter Olympics themed!

What could this be?…

Maybe a game or app based on your favourite event: slopestyle, skeleton, and who doesn’t love curling?

How about you build some kind of track that we can race ‘bobsleighs’ down (say with Raspberry Pis or Microbits to measure speed etc)?

You could create a Winter Olympics Village with useful features for athletes

Or say a website that give young people a new way to experience the Winter Olympics as a fan?

We’ll have a few Raspberry Pis, plenty of Microbits and the usual bits and bobs like sensors (including a couple of break-beam sensors and cameras) – but feel free to bring along whatever you need to achieve your creation.

How To Win

Enjoy yourselves and be creative

Try something new

The Prize

A Makey Makey Go for each team member (thanks to our friends at Open Data Manchester)